Alerce provides an "all in one" Light Data Management Platform offering "a create-to-own" Business Intelligence "BI" dashboards and Augmented Reality "AR" visualizations with the goal of boosting productivity, reducing costly reworks, keeping projects on budget for BIM Project-Program Managers, BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators, BIM Modelers and General Contractors.

Subscripton and Services Overview

BIM Data Factory, BIM Data Automation, BIM Data Insights and a whole lot more.

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Upload your BIM model files and visualize 3D online with BI PBI online templates according to the BIM roles needs of BIM modelers and designers.

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Includes DesignBI plus SQL data downloads with all BIM Modeling data associated with the download, ideally for organizations that have experienced BIM Managers, Program, Construction, and Project Directors.

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Data Management

Includes DesignBI plus SQL data downloads that already have all BIM Modeling data associated for download. Ideally for organizations that have experience BIM Managers, Program, Construction and Project Directors.

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Data Management & Professional Services

Includes Data Management with customized AEC Data Analytics Professional Services. We assign a team to standardize BIM information and create BI Dashboards with Real-Time nested data."

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Zigurat Certification

We also offer a Zigurat Global Institute of Technology certified corporate training program designed for enterprise Digital Transformation.

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to take BIM Data Insights to increase productivity in deploying your AEC Project ?

Alerce BI Dashboards and Data Insights in "1, 2, 3"

Are you just getting started with Data Insights and Data Automation to be applied to your AEC projects?
If you are a BIM Professional, BIM Manager, or BIM Project Director willing to learn, then you're in the right place.
Please see the videos showing our different BI Templates and see if this could be applied to your projects.