Alerce Technologies, "Alerce" is the holding company that patents The BIM Data Automation Platform™ with the simple
purpose of simplifying and delivering Data Insights with immersive reality in Real Time to the AEC industry. VIMBright is our subsidiary for
Latin America and Spain leverage our technologies.

Alerce Mission and Vision

Alerce Mission is simple Make BIM Data Useful for the AEC Industry via Intelligence at the service of humanity.

Leadership and The Dream Team

Alerce is a Global Leader in BIM Data Management Solutions, helping Project Managers, General Contractors, BIM Managers, and Owners
to boost their productivity, keeping projects "on budget."

Alerce's headquarters is in Atlanta, USA, and has offices worldwide.


Alerce is a global leader in BIM Data Management Solutions, helping project managers, general contractors, BIM managers, and owners boost their productivity, keeping projects “on budget.”.

Arol Wolford


Arol is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alerce Technologies. Arol served on the Board of Revit before being sold to Autodesk, founder of CMD, the first data
Today, he enjoys creating value by partnering with AEC technology firms and investors willing to make a difference in the AEC industry. He loves spending time with his family and having fun with his grandkids in his free time.

Raul E Rivera


Raul is a co-founder, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Alerce Technologies. Raul served as SVP for ATEME, ComScope-ARRIS, and ex-Siemens. Raul has been able to leverage a unique R&D team in the AEC industry and Cloud Computing Industry.
Today, he enjoys working with the Alerce Technical and Marketing teams, making things happen while teaching at the BIM Masters Program for Zigurat Institute of Technology.

Charles DeAndrade


Charles is a co-founder, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Alerce Technologies. Charles served as President of SmartBim Technologies, RELX, and CMD. Charles has proven in his 45 years of experience that he has led successful M&A operations.
Today, Charles de Andrade is the founding member of Scribblers, a Christian writers' club based in Norcross, Georgia. As an author, he has published six books.

The Dream Team

We do more with less; our team is committed to our clients providing the best customer service; they are curious and always learning new ways to break through.


Our Team reflects diversity. The Team is fully bilingual, keeps things simple, stays nimble, and always focuses on outcomes.


Every task and interaction with an openness to learn with high integrity.


BIM and VDC C# ,SQL,Azure Revit, IFC, Systems Engineering BI, Phyton.

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Partners & Systems Integrators

If you are interested to become a partners or systems integrators, please send us an e-mail to si@alercetech.com


If you are interested in Alerce future plans please talk to us! creatingvalue@alercetech.com